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Foundation Crack Repair

Polyurethane Injection | Epoxy Injection | Foundation Membrane

Are you seeing foundation cracks that appear on the exterior and interior walls of your basement? Are you experiencing water leaks and humidity related issues within your home? Do you have a repaired foundation crack that has recently resurfaced? This is due to many foundation repair techniques focusing solely on applying a layer of cement or bonding agent to the surface of the crack. Experiencing various temperature changes helps loosen and expand such surface focused repairs, ultimately requiring further repairs.

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Foundation Waterproofing

Waterproofing | Dampproofing | Sheet And Liquid Membranes

Waterproofing a foundation requires surface treatment and a drain pipe. Waterproofing and dampproofing is not the same solution! Waterproofing is a more permanent solution, requiring concrete treatment methods to be applied to the foundation wall itself. At Solage Solide our team of foundation experts focus on providing long lasting waterproofing solutions that provide you with peace of mind for the years to come. There are various waterproofing techniques and solutions available on the market, we offer a wide array of solutions and products to ensure the right solution is being applied every time.

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French Drain Installation

Weeping Tile | Drain Tile | Blind Drain

A french drain or weeping tile is a trench filled with gravel/rock containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from an area. French drains are primarily used to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging your building's foundation. French drains may be used as a septic drain field at the outlet of a typical septic tank sewage treatment system. This solution is also commonly used in conjunction with retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure.

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French Drain Inspection

Cleaning | Maintenance | Repair

For many home owners an exterior french drain is what keeps the basement and foundation dry, directing water away from the foundation. Unfortunately with time french drains can clog, this can be due to a broken pipe, red oaker, debris and more. As a result it is not uncommon to routinely flush and maintain your french drain system.

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Pyrite Removal & Repair

Pyrite is a sulphite mineral. Traces are found in sedimentary rock used to make crushed stone for backfill. In the presence of humidity and oxygen, pyrite oxidizes and produces sulphuric acid. This acid reacts with calcium carbonates found in crushed stone and concrete based products. This chemical reaction called sulphation forms gypsum whose crystallization will cause the stone to swell. Ultimately damaging the stability and foundation of your home.

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Window Well Installation & Repair

Not installing a window well can become a serious mistake. Window wells protect your window and window frame from rain, snow, ice, debris and animals. They also allow for easy exiting of the basement in the event of an emergency.

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Sump Pump and Basin

Installation | Repair

If you have already experienced a flooded basement, you are fully aware of how expensive it is to deal with water damages. With just an inch of water you can expect to invest several hours to cleaning up, along with thousands of dollars in foundation repairs. Installing a sump pump in your basement is one of many great ways to preventing basement flooding!

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Garage Floor Slab

Installation | Repair

Garage floors, like the walls of your foundation, are made of material that do not stretch, bend, shrink or expand without cracking. As a result the movement that occurs under your home’s foundation and garage floor will eventually cause cracks to appear around your foundation and garage floor. There are indeed other concerns that may cause your garage floor to crack, break or crumble.

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