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Why Garage Floors Crack

Garage floors, like the walls of your foundation, are made of material that do not stretch, bend, shrink or expand without cracking. As a result the movement that occurs under your home’s foundation and garage floor will eventually cause cracks to appear around your foundation and garage floor. There are indeed other concerns that may cause your garage floor to crack, break or crumble. In Montreal and surrounding areas older homes used pyrite for backfill, resulting in the cracking and lifting of the garage floor slab. Here is a quick list of concerns that that may cause your garage floor to crack and crumble.

  • Frost
  • Soil compaction
  • Soil settlement
  • Water
  • Poor construction
  • Poor quality products

The good news is that the majority of garage floor cracks are cosmetic and do not pose any concern for the structural integrity of your home. That being said, if you see your garage floor lifting and cracking excessively it is important to call your foundation experts for a free inspection and estime.

Replacing The Garage Floor

Advances in technology has allowed for foundation repair products to dry faster, stronger and more durable than before. When reviewing the option of replacing your concrete floor it is important to consider how deteriorated the concrete actually is. Is the damage caused by poor installation and / or spalling? The question is how much spalling is there? How much chipping is there? Is there a structural break? How much material is missing? If it’s too much, then the concrete will need to be replaced; repairing the floor will not be an option. If it’s merely a worn or chipped surface, then repairing the floor may be a more viable option.

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Solage Solide has access to various garage floor repair solutions. No one garage repair solution is used in all applications, depending on various factors we focus on providing you with a guaranteed solution that meets your needs.

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