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Sump Pumps

If you have already experienced a flooded basement, then you are fully aware of how much damage water can cause to your home. With just an inch of water, you can expect to invest several hours to cleaning up, along with thousands of dollars in damage to your plumbing system, foundation and furniture. The installation of a sump pump in your basement is one of many great ways to preventing basement flooding!

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

Living in Montreal we experience various environmental conditions that can cause groundwater levels to rise, such as; heavy rain and the melting of the snow. If you happen to live at the bottom of a hill or sloped street, you can quickly experience an above average flow of water during these environmental conditions. Such streams of water should be diverted into a sump hole, once the water reaches a ‘critical level’ the sump pump will begin to pump the water out through a pipe before the water level reaches a critical point (flooding your basement). The pipe will essentially evacuate the water from your home. 

Do I Need A Sump Pump Backup System?

Since a sump pump is generally hard-wired or plugged in, ideally you should have a battery backup in the event that you experience a power outage. In our experiences it is better to be safe than sorry, the installation of a battery driven backup to act in times of emergency is a must. Such emergency issues can occur while you are away on vacation, delaying your awareness to a potential flood, the backup system will be there 24/7 ensuring your home is water free. The backup runs on a battery charger, and is kept fully charged. The backup sump pump system will only turn on when all power fails.  We recommend you test your battery prior to spring and fall where basement floods are most commonly experienced.

Call Us For Your Customized Sump Pump System!

Solage Solide has access to various sump pump systems to ensure your basement stays dry. No one sump pump system is used in all applications, which is why we create customized systems tailored to your water evacuation needs.

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