Top 10 Foundation Repair Warning Signs

When looking to purchase a home or renovating your basement, it is important to ensure your foundation is crack free. Experiencing a leaking or wet basement after a completed renovation is the last thing any home owner wants to see after such an investment. The below article outlines 10 common foundation repair warning signs that should be considered when purchasing a home or when looking to renovate your basement.

Top 10 Signs That Your Home Requires A Foundation Repair

So I’m sure you’re asking yourself, well how worried should I be if I see a crack in my foundation? Is the structure of my house compromised? Is it safe? If you do encounter any of the above signs you should call a foundation expert for a free estimate and informational session. If attended to, such signs will not be a cause for concern, and will eliminate any possibility of further damaging your home and foundation. Although, if not attended the issue could worsen over time, cracks can increase in length and width allowing for structural damages, along with water related concerns.

In the event that you are purchasing a new or hold home and have found out your dream home now has a few minor basement wall cracks etc… It is vital that you have not only a home inspector visit the home, but also a foundation repair specialist. Again there is no cost in doing so, why run the risk of having to deal with a foundation related issue that could have been resolved. At the same time you can also inquire about your home insurance coverage, check out my article called "Does Your Home Insurance Plan Cover Foundation Repairs".

Do not hesitate in contacting our team of foundation and crack repair experts to help put your mind at ease.

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